Mobile Technologies



The Client

O2, the commercial brand of Telefonica, are an enterprise organisation that specialise in telecoms and mobile technologies. In the Public Sector, they help organisations to become more efficient and effective, whilst reducing costs through the delivery of digital services.

The Problem

A review of O2’s business in the Healthcare sector identified a need to re-engage with customers, prospects and suspects to have more conversations with decision makers. Engaging with the right people across the Healthcare sector would help O2 to source new business leads, increase pipeline volume and raise their brand awareness.

The Solution

Cadence (formerly BiP’s Media & Marketing Solutions) worked with O2’s marketing and sales teams to identify over 10,000 senior decision-makers from our Ingenium data community. These contacts were drawn from relevant job roles across the Healthcare sector, including Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS trusts.

Using Cadence’s iServe email broadcast application, each contact was initially sent a personalised, text-based email introducing the services offered by O2 and sharing insight into the work they are doing with another healthcare organisation. A few weeks after receiving the initial introductory email, each contact was sent another personalised, text-based email offering a complimentary telephony audit. There was also a second opportunity in the email to download the case study detailing O2’s work with a healthcare organisation.

The iServe system provided accurate reporting on opens, clicks, forwards, and completed landing page forms. Using this information, O2’s sales organisation and outsourced telemarketing agency could better focus their calling, knowing that the people they contacted were already interested and engaged. Many of the contacts sourced from our Ingenium community also had a DDI number included in our data, making it much easier to contact people.

The Results

The first introductory email attracted click activity from 152 unique contacts, of which 43 completed a landing page to download the case study asset. The email also had six direct replies from contacts requesting meetings or further information, including one contact calling O2 directly.

Our experience shows that only text-based, personalised email will attract this kind of response. The 43 contacts who completed the landing page were followed up directly by O2’s sales team, and the other 109 contacts were called to further develop a conversation by an outsourced telemarketing agency.

The second email promoting the complimentary audit attracted click activity from 118 unique contacts and had 17 direct replies requesting follow-up information on the opportunity. By focusing on contacts who had directly replied, completed a landing page or clicked, the campaign enabled O2 to generate over £600k worth of pipeline opportunities. One of the opportunities converted shortly after the campaign was delivered, and was with an organisation that had no prior contact with O2.

Following on from this project, the new client win prompted a review of O2’s Public Sector data to cleanse and append organisations and contacts. This would ensure that O2 had complete visibility of market opportunities and accurate data to rely on for marketing automation campaigns. O2 have also continued to work extensively on email campaigns with Ingenium to identify and communicate with the right decision makers across the Public Sector to support their new business activities.