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Audience Generation

Audience generation is where our intelligent use of data comes into its own. We will work with you to identify your ideal customer attendee by conducting audience research and development. Then, we can use our database to draw up your dream audience of key stakeholders.

Before you know it, your event will be standing room only – whether it’s physical or virtual.

How does it work?

We start by asking the right questions.  Who’s it relevant to? Who are your speakers? What will they talk about? What are the key learnings? How is it being facilitated? Where and when is it? 

OK, then what?

Once we’ve got the answers, we’ll use this info to identify the right audience spanning our entire database and communities. 

The next consideration is access to your event. Do you have a registration page? Or, do you need us to build you one? Either way is fine by us, just as long as we can drive your audience registrations somewhere!

If we’re designing, there’s a further opportunity to host supporting assets, embed videos and a whole host of other groovy functionality, which helps to convert a user from A to B. 

Not finished finalising your agenda yet? Not a problem, this is normal for our clients. We usually recommend six weeks of flight time in any case. We’ll keep the approach dynamic and on the plus side, it gives us a reason to write back to the audience – updates and new speakers help to bring events to life.  


Now lets go grab that audience!

And now for the communications themselves and making sure we major on your core messaging. We’ve got an in-house team of dedicated people who are passionate about all things content, many of whom are ex-journalists, so creative writing is something that comes easily to us.

We’ll quickly get to grips with your tone of voice and create the perfect copy, that’s the right fit for your target audience and creates a real buzz around your events. Et voila, we’re in business. 

We now know what to say, how to say it and who to say it to… all that remains is to say it. This is where our technology really comes into its own. We use our own purpose-built platform, iServe, to engage our target audiences. There’s lot of technical jargon that we’ll happily go into with you (if that’s your thing), but safe to say its delivery rates are second to none.

In fact, they’re so good that, alongside our data, we swear by them in our Ts & Cs. 

It’s showtime…

The minutes and days tick away, and the event day is fast approaching. Don’t panic – behind the scenes we are working hard to make your event a success and, on the day, we’ve filled your room. Standing room only, folks. 

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