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Our webinars are a great way to engage with your target audience. Whether you choose to broadcast live or use recorded footage in combination with a live Q & A session, we can advise and/or suggest presenters and supply a plethora of supporting material. And, whilst many organisations provide webinar marketing services these days, we pride ourselves in the fact we go the extra mile, ensuring you are supported throughout the whole process. Why? Because we’re all about performance… and results.

Why choose webinars?

We’ve run webinars for our clients for many years, long before webinars became such an intrinsic part of the events calendar. In fact, when we first started, webinars were still a relatively new concept and much harder for a sales team to pitch to their audience. However, as time moved on, and not forgetting the technology, webinars have increased in importance and are now viewed as a ‘must-have’ for a successful digital marketing strategy for any company, regardless of size.

A webinar provides delegates with one important ingredient: choice. The choice over how, where, when, and whom to engage with. If a delegate works for a company with a tight budget, attending a webinar saves time and money, whilst still gaining those valuable insights to meet a business need, take action and enable informed decisions, which could be a follow-up call with your company to find out more. A win: win situation all around.

At Cadence, we tailor our approach to your company’s bespoke needs. Consider us as an extended member of your marketing or sales team. We will make sure you always know where we are at and the steps we will take to make sure we get the right people in front of you on ‘event’ day.

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How does it work?

It’s all about getting the balance right between educating your webinar audience and promoting what you do. Experience tells us people hate being ‘sold to’ so we avoid this. Instead, our content team will work alongside you and guide you through each stage of the process.

We will use tried and tested email marketing practices to ensure our content hits the mark and resonates with the right people. We know which words to use and how to use them to convey the key objectives of your webinar consistently at every stage of the campaign. And, if it doesn’t work, we will not hesitate to push the stop button and put the time into doing it in a different way. Why? Because we don’t give up and we will do our best to ensure your webinar is a success.

How will we do it?

A core aspect for us in our webinar delivery is the use of a landing page to promote your webinar. However, as with most of our marketing services, we consider each client’s need and go with the option that best suits this very need.

A landing page provides the chance to share more details about your event than can be accommodated within an email. Examples include giving more more detail about your speakers, some pre-event reading or other resources linked to your chosen topic. We could offer a chance to ask some questions in advance so your final ‘on the day’ content considers this feedback. Your landing page is there to support the registration process and we will ensure you maximise this opportunity fully for your webinar.

Many of our client webinars are delivered off the back of a piece of research, which, more often than not, has also been delivered by our expert content team. See Market Research for more. This gives us some rich content, created by engaging directly with the market, the findings of which are unique to us, and provide a temperature check of audience engagement and proof of the need for your services. Use these findings to attract a whole new audience and, at the same time, get a second bite of the cherry by re-engaging your survey audience.

What happens on the day?

On the day, we are there to guide you through the whole event, making sure everything goes to plan and providing a high-quality recording for further promotion post-event – we are a safe pair of hands. Prior to the event, we will already have completed a run- through to make sure everything is in working order and you are completely comfortable with the platform and how it works.

We will show you how to answer questions, chat to other panellists, and the event organiser, whilst all the time having a transparent view of your webinar in progress. And, afterwards, we will have a catch-up call to talk through how it went, who attended, how engaged people were, get your feedback, and agree on those all-important next steps when we promote your webinar again by getting your recording back out to the audience, warming them up for future engagement. 

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