Reports we've created for our customers

Attitudes Towards Digital Self-Service

Working with our survey partners Target Group, In total, 176 individuals from 154 unique organisations participated in the survey, representing a broad cross-section of job functions across the UK public sector

Managing Cyber Threats in the New Digital Era

Working with our survey partners Socura, Over 60 unique organisations got involved, from areas across the public sector, including: Central Government, Charity, Civil Society, Higher Education, Fire & Rescue, Housing Associations, Local Government, NHS, Non-Departmental Public Bodies and Police.

Employee Wellbeing in the Public Sector

In partnership with Personal Group, we conducted a survey with 142 individuals from 136 unique organizations. Each participant received a complimentary copy of the report with key findings.

Overcoming Barriers to UK Space Prosperity

Defence Online in partnership with QinetiQ, conducted a survey of 76 individuals from 72 unique organizations in the UK defence and space sector. The survey covered a range of job functions, giving a broad understanding of the needs and challenges faced by these organisations.

Content Management Study

Working with our survey partners opentext, 45 individuals took part in our survey, representing 43 unique organisations across the public sector.

Public Sector Attitudes to Working with SME Suppliers

We partnered with YPO and Go4Growth to conduct a survey, which included responses from 144 individuals representing 127 different organisations in the public sector. The survey participants held a variety of job roles within the sector.

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