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Navigating the Procurement Act & PSR in 2024: Essential Insights for Suppliers

Join our webinar with expert speaker Andrew Daly and learn everything you need to know about the Procurement Act, PSR, and thriving in the public sector market.

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Putting the Personality into Procurement: How to Engage with a New Profile of Buyer

The public sector is experiencing a dynamic reshuffle, with new faces replacing and joining ranks across organizations. This influx not only creates a fresh tapestry of personalities powering procurement, but also throws open doors for suppliers eager to engage.

This webinar delves into this dynamic ecosystem, analysing both the quantitative realities and the human drivers behind the transformation. We'll explore:

- Quantitative insights: Using the Cadence database, we'll dissect the data patterns behind the movements, revealing actionable intelligence for suppliers navigating the market.
- Qualitative understanding: Meet the people shaping procurement. Hannah Quinn-Hall, with her finger on the pulse of decision-makers, will unveil the motivations and personalities of those wielding the purchasing power.
- Motivation beyond profit: Join Grahame Steed as we uncover the personal aspirations driving individuals to make a social impact through better procurement practices.
- By understanding who you're engaging with and what inspires them, you can forge stronger relationships and position yourself to thrive in this evolving landscape.

Future Proof your Business: Are you Net-Zero Ready for the NHS?

Learn all about how aiming for Net-Zero can help you win more business with the NHS!

Selling to the Public Sector: Understanding Your Customer

In today's dynamic business landscape, opening opportunities in the public sector is essential for growth and sustainability. However, selling to the public sector requires a unique approach, vastly different from the private sector. Watch our upcoming webinar "Selling to the Public Sector: Understanding Your Customer" to gain essential insights and strategies for success in this distinct market.

How Social Value Initatives can Boost your Public Sector Growth with Social Value Portal

Learn how social value initiatives can boost your public sector growth in this webinar with SPECIAL GUEST: Guy Battle, CEO - Social Value Portal. Social value is a holistic approach to procurement that considers the social, economic, and environmental impact of your contracts. By embedding social value into your procurement practices, you can improve the lives of your communities, strengthen your supply chain, and achieve your strategic goals.

Harnessing Marketing Intelligence in B2G Account-Based Marketing

Market intelligence gives you the insights you need to understand your target market and their needs. Account-based marketing helps you focus your marketing and sales efforts on the accounts that matter most.
When you combine these two strategies, you create a powerful recipe for generating high-converting sales leads.
In our upcoming webinar, we'll teach you everything you need to know about market intelligence and account-based marketing.

How to Create Effective Brand Awareness Campaigns for Public Sector Buyers featuring Bloom Procurement

GUEST SPEAKER: Selena Cooper, Bloom Procurement
In this webinar, you will learn how to create effective brand awareness campaigns that reach and resonate with public sector buyers. We will discuss the following topics: the importance of brand awareness for public sector buyers, the different channels and strategies you can use to reach public sector buyers, how to create content that is relevant and engaging to public sector buyers, and how to measure the success of your brand awareness campaigns.

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