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Redefining security for the drone age – survey & webinars



BT is one of the biggest telecommunications and network providers – with a global presence in 180 countries. The firm employs 93,000 people in the UK and has a global turnover in excess of £22bn (2020).


BT Enterprise aimed to engage with the UK defence community across public and private sector organisations, on the subject of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), AKA ‘drones’ and countermeasures.


Cadence Marketing were brought in by BT to carry out research in this community and produce a survey report based on the new survey findings.  This survey report would then be used to inform the subject matter of two webinars – to be created, promoted and run from end-to-end by the Cadence team.  Cadence also produced an edited recording of each webinar for the client.

Over 4 weeks, we were able to reach out to the Defence Online community – alongside a selected audience made up of contacts from our public sector database – using a mixture of the Defence Online and Exec Survey brands. This polling resulted in 143 responses, 94 of which were fully completed responses.  This output was used to create the principal asset to be discussed during the webinars – one focussing on issues surrounding counter drones for the commercial sector and the second focussing on defence matters.

Access the report: Counter Drones: The New Ages of Security here.

The two webinars saw the Head of BT Drone Solutions, alongside partners from drone detection specialists DroneShield –and a speaker from Defence Online explored how the increased sophistication and availability of drones / UAS is making UK organisations redefine their security thinking – so that drones are beginning to be thought of in the same way as cyber security threats.

Cadence created the event registration pages, ran the audience generation campaigns and the live events themselves across the two days. Across both webinars there were 302 registrations and 112 attendees.


In total 302 key decision makers registered, and 112 individuals attended the live sessions. In common with all Cadence webinars, every registrant also got access to a complete recording of the sessions post-event.  Watch the two Counter Drones: The New Age of Security recordings:

Stephen Donlan, Content & Client Services Manager for Cadence Marketing said:

“It was a tremendous opportunity for the Cadence team to work alongside Dave Pankhurst, BT’s Head of Drone Solutions and the CEO of DroneShield, Oleg Vornik – both acknowledged experts in this field – on the project. “Being able to draw on the expertise and brand of our colleagues at Defence Online helped us to develop an informed analysis of the survey findings and drive a highly involved audience Q&A at the close of the two webinars. A solid team effort from all the partners involved resulted in a strong attendance on each day from an interested and highly engaged audience.”

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