Research campaign positioning Crimson as social housing thought leader



As an innovative IT recruitment business, solutions provider and Microsoft partner, Crimson unites people, processes and technology to tackle the customer’s toughest challenges.

The IT solutions provider works with a wide variety of mid-sized organisations, as well as stakeholders in higher education, housing and, more latterly, local government.


Despite having a strong presence in the housing sector, Crimson was looking to gain insight into the evolving social housing sector. Crimson needed to strengthen its credibility as a solutions provider by demonstrating its understanding of social housing and the challenges providers currently face. This would help Crimson to position itself as a thought leader within the social housing space – with a myriad of services to support the sector’s needs.


Crimson partnered with Cadence to undertake a market research campaign, following a referral from fellow client BT. Cadence had previously generated attendees to Crimson’s IT events, and the combination of a proven database of housing contacts and research services made them a natural fit for the project.

Cadence’s in-house team were able to distil Crimson’s requirements into a structured and concise set of survey questions intended to drive engagement. Once agreed, the survey was built using Cadence’s proprietary technology. Social housing influencers and decision makers were invited to take part via Cadence’s established ‘Surveys in Public Sector’ and ‘InsideHousing’ brands.

Following an eight-week survey period, the responses were collated and shaped by Crimson and Cadence into a compelling narrative featuring five key themes. These themes would form the basis of a Crimson-branded survey report, courtesy of Cadence’s creative team. These insights provided a unique content-hook to present back to the market, building brand awareness and driving engagement.


  • 95 completed surveys from a total of 114 participants, giving the project an 83% completion rate.
  • A bespoke, Crimson-branded survey report – Driving Digital: Transforming Social Housing in 2020.
  • Market insights that helped shape Crimson’s ongoing social housing strategy and build momentum within the sector.
  • Impactful messaging that has helped to spark conversations with key contacts.
  • A successful working relationship with Cadence and a second local government survey currently underway.


  • Holistic market research – from survey and audience generation through to research promotion and asset creation.
  • A curated database of relevant and responsive contacts, which can easily be segmented.
  • An experienced in-house team of sector-specific survey, content and design specialists.

“I’ve never worked with anyone like Cadence before. I love that they’re able to conduct market research and create relevant and engaging content, and it’s great being able to lean on such an impressive database of contacts. Clearly, the data is of high quality, and they’re able to segment and target effectively. They’ve also given us access to a responsive audience which has helped us establish ourselves in several hard-to-reach sectors.”

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