Private Sector

What is the private sector?

The private sector is the part of the economy that is run by individuals and companies for profit and is not state controlled. It encompasses all for-profit businesses that are not owned or operated by the government. Most organisations refer to this sector as ‘B2B‘. Companies and corporations that are government run are part of what is known as the public sector, while charities and other non-profit organisations are part of the voluntary sector.

B2B Database

Our B2B database is called Opus and includes only B2B marketing data. Opus is the premier UK business database and only includes decision makers in large and medium-sized businesses. The database can be segmented in a number of ways and is designed to support any business looking to run effective B2B marketing. Similar to the Ingenium database of public sector contacts, the Opus B2B database has been hand-crafted by us, so you can be sure it’s good!

The entities that form the private sector (B2B) include:

  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Small and  medium-sized businesses
  • Large corporations and multinationals
  • Professional and trade associations
  • Trade unions


There are almost 5.7m businesses in the UK, responsible for employing almost 27m people. This is broken down into SMEs and large businesses:

Micro (0-9 employees)
– SME – 5,400,000 businesses

Small (10-49 employees)
– SME – 208,000 businesses

Medium (50-249 employees)
– SME – 34,000 businesses

Large (250+ employees)
– 7,000 businesses

Large businesses account for 0.1% of the overall picture, but are responsible for 40% of all employment and 49% of turnover. Three quarters of all UK businesses operate in service industries.

UK businesses are categorised by the products and services that they provide and  are grouped into sectors or industries. Our Opus B2B database is organised in exactly the same way, which makes our B2B database the perfect B2B marketing companion.

  • Business Services
  • Computing and Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Healthcare & Life Science
  • Leisure
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Motor Vehicles (Automotive)
  • Oil and Gas
  • Professional Services
  • Property
  • Recycling and Waste Management
  • Retail
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Utilities
  • Wholesale and Distributors

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