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We offer a B2G content marketing solution that delivers your KPIs and goals.

Easily engage your target audience with our efficient approach to content marketing. Did you know that personalisation increases 5-8 times ROI on average? With our data-driven solution we help you build content which speaks directly to your audience and is designed with the sole purpose of engagement

We then promote your content across several channels to get it in front of the people that matter.

With our strict use of internal technologies, we can easily measure and track the success of a campaign to ensure you are meeting your goals and can improve campaign on campaign.

How We Deliver

Metric driven solutions from our team of experts.

Are your current marketing assets creative and impactful? Our extensive experience marketing to the public sector, means we know what works and ensures every campaign delivers optimal results.ith a team of journalists and expert copywriters specialising in writing engaging content for the public sector, we work with you, to create compelling messaging that drives results. Whether you are looking to create an original campaign or build on an existing concept you’re looking to promote, we work in collaboration with you to guarantee content marketing success!

Time Efficient Delivery

We understand that project timelines are important. Once we are aligned on   the content and messaging, we will work quickly to establish your agreed objectives and timelines and guarantee a speedy turnaround. Cadence Marketing offers time efficient content marketing that delivers.

To gate, or not to gate…

By gating content, you can build a future audience for subsequent campaigns that will increase open rates and drive more engagement.. After reviewing the content, we will provide recommendations on whether the content would perform better gated or ungated. Our data capture ensures that all captures, clicks, and interactions are trackable, giving you the best possible data for your campaign.


We can use your brand to communicate your message and collateral, or you can choose from the other options available.

We have a large collection of established brands across multiple areas of the public sector that can be utilised to promote your content. This is tailored through syndicated promotion to deliver the best results for your campaign. We will work with you to decide the best approach so that we can achieve your campaign goals.

Our expert team will quickly turnaround the content with you for sign-off, build your audience dataset and promote your brand to your targeted public sector contacts of choice. from to guarantee engagement success.

Delivering Results

The content is then delivered via our proprietary mailing service iServe. With a 95% deliverability rate across thousands of contacts, you can be confident that your content reaches your target audience.

B2G Marketing
Doesn’t Have
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