Ten ways to generate hot public sector IT leads

With the B2G marketplace proving more lucrative (and competitive) than ever before, the Cadence Marketing team is sharing ten guaranteed ways to generate actionable public sector IT leads:

Identify the opportunities

The public sector IT opportunity is vast, but we’ve identified the five biggest trends to be aware of in 2021/22. Pinpoint hotspots like these and engage decision makers with precisely targeted campaigns.

Engage early

Engaging prospective buyers early in the procurement lifecycle is a great way of demonstrating the value of your products and services.  Keep them warm, engaged and position yourself as the ideal partner for when the tender opportunity arises.

Get to know your audience

With a data-driven profile of your ideal B2G buyer, you’ll gain insight into their challenges, priorities and preferred method of engagement. Use targeting frameworks to identify who (or what) is influencing them – both internally and externally – and tailor your messaging accordingly.

Articulate your value

Mind your USPs and USBs! Whether it’s value for money, compliance and transparency, or creative problem solving, your messaging should address the buyers’ core needs and reflect what your business does best.

Understand intent

Build pipeline at pace and keep leads moving from the top of the marketing funnel through to close by interrogating your data. Be on the lookout for behavioural signals that indicate buying intent through a sudden increase in engagement.

Take an ABM approach

The most successful B2G campaigns adopt an account-based marketing (ABM) approach, focusing on a set of key target accounts. The more information you have to work with, the more you can personalise your comms and reach out with relevant content.

Nail your content strategy

Reinforce your marketing funnel with fresh content for every step of the buyer journey. Keep prospects engaged and build brand awareness with B2G blogs, case studies or webinars that address specific issues within public sector IT.

Be social

Whether it’s a paid-for ad on LinkedIn or a blog post broadcast across Facebook and Twitter, social media should be an integral part of your marketing mix. Don’t be afraid to prospect for potential buyers and tailor your messaging to them.

Respond to your data

Respond to campaign outputs in real time. In a competitive marketplace, you need to be agile and responsive, and rework campaigns as required to boost engagement and generate actionable leads for your sales teams.

Get expert help

Is resource an issue? Are you still having difficulty marketing to public sector IT prospects? Cadence is here to help. We deliver targeted B2G campaigns to support your business, generate quality leads and increase ROI – and our digital marketing services will enable you to access public sector prospects in a precise, targeted way.

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