The Importance of Targeted Marketing in the Public Sector: A Review of 2022

As a business, connecting with public sector buyers can be a challenging and competitive process. The public sector procurement process can be complex and time-consuming, with strict guidelines and a focus on finding the best value for taxpayer pounds. As a result, it’s important for businesses to have a clear and effective marketing strategy in order to stand out and increase their chances of winning bids.

One key element of a successful marketing strategy in the public sector is targeted marketing. Targeted marketing involves identifying and reaching out to specific buyers or decision-makers within the public sector, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. This allows businesses to tailor their messaging and value proposition to the specific needs and preferences of their target audience, increasing the chances of success.

In 2022, targeted marketing in the public sector became even more important as the pandemic continued to disrupt traditional procurement processes and shift buying behaviour. With many businesses struggling to adapt to the changing landscape, those that were able to effectively target and connect with buyers were more likely to succeed.

At Cadence Marketing, we specialize in connecting businesses with public sector buyers at the right time through data-driven and targeted marketing solutions. With over 200,000 contacts across 31,600 organisations, our comprehensive database gives businesses access to decision-makers and influencers in sectors such as central and local government, healthcare, education, defence, and emergency services.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the importance of targeted marketing in the public sector and how Cadence Marketing can help businesses navigate this challenging landscape.


Trends in the Public Sector in 2022: Digital Procurement, Sustainability, and Innovation

In 2022, there were several notable trends in the public sector that impacted the way businesses marketed and sold their products and services. One trend was the continued shift towards digital and online procurement processes, as the pandemic increased the demand for remote and contactless solutions. This meant that businesses had to adapt their marketing efforts to reach buyers online and showcase the digital capabilities of their products and services. Another trend was an increased focus on sustainability and social responsibility, as public sector organisations looked for suppliers that aligned with their values and goals. This required businesses to highlight their sustainability efforts and commitments in their marketing materials. Another trend was a greater emphasis on innovation and finding new solutions to address challenges and improve efficiency, as public sector organisations sought to modernise and adapt to changing needs. Businesses that were able to demonstrate their ability to deliver innovative solutions were more likely to succeed in the public sector.


Early Engagement: Influencing Future Contract Notices

One key service offered by Cadence Marketing is early engagement. Early engagement involves reaching out to public sector buyers before a formal procurement process begins, allowing businesses to influence the details of future contract notices and increase their chances of winning bids. This aligns with government best practice procurement guidance and helps public sector buyers source new and innovative solutions and suppliers. It’s worth noting that not all public sector procurement goes through formal buying processes, so early engagement can also help businesses uncover opportunities that they may not have been aware of otherwise.


Research: Understanding Your Target Audience

Another important aspect of targeted marketing in the public sector is understanding the needs and preferences of your target audience. Cadence Marketing’s research services can help businesses gather insights on their target buyers, including their priorities, pain points, and decision-making processes. This information can be used to tailor marketing messages and value propositions to better meet the needs of their audience, increasing the chances of success.


Creative Content and Messaging: Communicating Your Value Proposition

Creative content and messaging is also crucial in the public sector, as businesses need to clearly and effectively communicate their value proposition to buyers. Cadence Marketing’s creative content and messaging services can help businesses craft compelling and persuasive marketing materials, such as proposals, presentations, and case studies.


In Conclusion

In summary, targeted marketing is a crucial component of success in the public sector. In 2022, Cadence Marketing helped businesses navigate the challenges of targeted marketing through a range of services, including early engagement, research, and creative content and messaging. By effectively targeting and engaging with public sector buyers, businesses can increase their chances of winning bids and finding success in this competitive market. If you’re looking to connect with public sector buyers and need support with your marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to reach out to Cadence Marketing. With our extensive database, range of services, and expertise in the public sector, we can help your business effectively target and engage with decision-makers and increase your chances of winning contracts.

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