Why your Environmental and Social Value Credentials matter when it comes to B2G Marketing

Compared to B2B and B2C, B2G marketing is relatively limited due to strict legal requirements throughout the procurement process. Following on from the Social Value Act enacted at the end of January 2013, social value is now mandatory in public sector contracts. Buyers and suppliers have to learn a new set of criteria that detail how much social value counts towards winning central government contracts  (PPN 06/20). 

Public sector marketing specialists must take the new requirements into account when devising effective B2G social value marketing strategies. There are essential factors that B2G market professionals must understand to optimise delivery – and ensure businesses’ commitment to communities stands out in the bidding process. For instance, communication and collaboration with stakeholders (local councils, community leaders, and members) to gain insight into the community and its needs, and to help with implementation when the B2G marketing plan is ready to be put into action.

This article is going to look at how B2G marketers can meet environmental and social value requirements, as well as set social value goals to meet the needs of their target market and increase their chances of being awarded public sector contracts. 

Why is Environmental and Social Value Important in Public Procurement

According to the new Procurement Bill, at least 10% of B2G contract evaluation must include social value, although some buyers favour a higher percentage. This means that suppliers must actively promote their social value strategy, rather than tack it on towards the end. A clear B2G marketing strategy that offers a great deal of value can give businesses, especially small businesses, a headstart in the procurement process and improve their chances of being awarded government contracts.

Not having a social value plan doesn’t just mean that you lose out on one or two tenders. According to PPN 06/21, businesses without Carbon Reduction Plans are automatically disqualified from tendering for PPN 06/20 contracts (social value in Central Government Contracts). A social value plan that backfires can be just as devastating, if not more so. Failing to work with communities, a lack of commitment, and overestimating skill sets, are just some of the factors that alienate your target market and ruin your reputation.

Basically, if you want to win government contracts, you need a good social value strategy based on sound research, collaboration, and skills assessment.

Spreading the News

It’s not typically the “done” thing to broadcast social value marketing strategies to the public, but a few low-key posts on LinkedIn can show stakeholders how social value initiatives are progressing. A portfolio of social value projects demonstrates commitment to community development and empowerment, as well as the ability and flexibility to skillfully adapt to different types of contracts and a range of scenarios.

How to Increase Environmental and Social Value in the UK

Businesses can build environmental and social value in several ways. 

Environmental value examples include:

1) Net zero strategy: The aim is to have no carbon footprint whatsoever.

2) Climate-positive goals: This is when businesses pass net zero and give more than they take.

3) Source sustainable (local) and eco-friendly materials (packaging material) and products. This is particularly important in the public sector supply chain and is something B2G marketers can capitalise on.

4) Reduce waste: This applies to business practices, such as working towards a paperless office and using low-energy lighting and appliances. It can carry over into the community with recycling and anti-litter campaigns, and energy-saving programmes to combat critical shortages. 

Social value examples include:

1) Donating a percentage of profits to charitable organisations (perhaps in climate change).

2) Host charity events, for example, a cake sale or cocktails to announce a raffle winner. 

3) Community days. Gather willing employees to spend the day working with the community on projects like removing graffiti from walls or repairing desks and chairs at the community centre.

4) Hire locals whenever possible and always pay a fair wage.

Measuring Social Value and Leveraging Experience

As with all business strategies and processes, it’s important to measure the success of B2G marketing strategies, as well as the successful implementation of the strategies concerned. Marketing analytics provide valuable insight into which aspects of the plan were effective and which weren’t. Keeping track of previous performance shapes future B2g marketing campaigns. You can use the information provided by B2G marketing analysis specialists to continually refine your approach to public sector marketing, enabling you to better promote your social and environmental value credentials as you grow your reputation within public procurement.

If In Doubt Consult B2G Marketing Specialists 

A professional B2G marketing company can be the difference between successful bids and losing out on lucrative tenders. B2G marketers are particularly useful for SMEs that don’t have the resources to research, create, and implement marketing strategies, as well as businesses that choose to focus on developing and perfecting their service offerings. Businesses such as these need the kind of B2G marketing skills provided by Cadence Marketing. Cadence Marketing specialises in public sector procurement, providing everything from market research and email marketing campaigns to webinars and content creation.

Our expertise in social value procurement extends across a number of public sectors, including healthcare, IT, communications, automotive, transport, emergency services, and construction. So, if you have any questions about social value, how to ensure ongoing monitoring and management of social value projects, or anything else related to B2G marketing in the UK, simply contact us for a free consultation.

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