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B2G Marketing: 10 Tips on How to Stand Out as a Supplier

If you’re a business owner, marketing strategies are the lifeline for your business. And the UK government deserves the same level of detail for marketing strategies. And that’s where B2G marketing enters the equation.

So before you finalize your next business campaign, read these ten tips about B2G marketing strategies. The UK public sector has the need, and you can ensure it chooses your supply over the competition.

And if you are seasoned with B2B marketing, it isn’t too late to convert to these ten B2G marketing strategies. UK business to government suppliers made almost 30 billion pounds last year.

So do your business a favour and convert to B2G marketing by reading this guide. There’s no reason why you can’t become the next profitable UK government supplier.

1) Have a Seo-Optimized Site for B2G Marketing

As a government supplier, your website should have the best SEO website practices. To stand out against the pack, your site should have a consistent message with a clear target audience in the UK public sector. Of course, UK government suppliers can rely on our expert market research strategies.

But it takes more than a fast-loading site with vivid detail to stand out. Your website must be mobile-friendly. According to Google, more than 70% browse the internet on a mobile platform.

2) Consider Email Marketing Strategies

Sometimes you don’t always make the sale with the first website interaction. Getting online leads helps you to become a successful government supplier.

Email marketing helps save money. But it keeps your target audience engaged with your services.

Also, when you subscribe to a newsletter, there is some interest in the services. An effective newsletter can reach the appropriate decision-makers in the British public sector. And with our email marketing strategies, you can make your services stand out further.

3) Turn to Social Media

Elite social media sites like Yelp and Google Business can persuade or dissuade customers from buying from you. To stand out as a government supplier, build effective marketing strategies on social media. These marketing strategies help draw the 45% who use social media to learn about services and products.

Also, be sure to answer customer testimonials and questions promptly. That way, you are building a solid brand reputation that can catch the eye of the lucrative UK public sector.

4) Create Website Content

If you understand the importance of an appealing website, so do your government supplier competitors. But with effective blogs and podcasts, you can add an extra dimension to your B2G marketing.

Yes, blogs and podcasts help increase your SEO standing, especially if you do so frequently. But blogs also demonstrate that you’re an authority as a government supplier.

Articulating confidence and that you’re the government supplier with the solution to the UK public sector’s problems buys you clout. And remember to include videos in your content marketing strategies.

More than 40% of online marketers can attribute increased sales due to video marketing strategies. Also, video aids in your SEO strategy and educates your target audience about your superior government supplier services. That way, your government supplier business can take centre stage.

5) Consider Public Relations

Why not deliver your B2G marketing in person? By attending public functions for your target audience, you’re showing initiative and demonstrating that your government supplier business can deliver.

Also, you can pitch your marketing strategies directly to those who can make spending decisions. But you don’t always have to try to make your pitch when attending events and functions.

Sometimes, it helps to sit back and observe what interests your target audience. That way, you can refine or develop successful marketing strategies to put you at the front of the line.

6) Study Rival Government Suppliers

As you craft the winning B2G marketing strategy, keep an eye on other government suppliers. If a government supplier is thriving, study their marketing strategies and incorporate desirable aspects into your campaign.

7) Try to Schedule a Private Meeting

If you’re public event approach was successful, see if you can parlay that into a private meeting. Then, with the UK public sector’s undivided attention, you can make your winning pitch to the top brass.

In-person meetings are where you can apply your understanding of your competitors’ methods. You can convince them that your services are better than their current government supplier.

Also, informative presentations inform the public sector of their current and future needs. Along with articulating why your government supplier solutions outpace the rest, try to mix in ROI and cost-saving projections.

And if you can’t make it in person, why not try a webinar? Cadence Marketing has vast experience setting up webinars with your target audience in the public arena. And you can showcase your expertise with an engaging questions and answers forum after your presentation.

8) Try Targeted Advertising

Take your B2G strategies to the next level with a dedicated ad campaign. If the British public sector needs your B2G Marketing services, they might turn to the internet to find them.

By understanding your target audience, you can place strategic and compelling digital ads on websites that suit their fancy. Geo-fencing works wonders for the pin-point placement of your ads.

Dedicated digital ad marketing allows you to reach and persuade several clients. With CRM analytics, you can engage the effectiveness of your digital campaigns.

9) Promote Your Satisfied Clients  

Just like social media allows the public sector to gauge your services, the same applies to your current customers. Involving your success stories with current clients with similar needs builds trust and enhances your credibility.

10) Don’t Forget to Modernize Your Services

Thanks to technology, clients, including the public sector, have updated needs and wants. As the winning government supplier, your products and services must reflect current times and trends.

More About B2G Marketing

Since 1984 Cadence Marketing has striven to partner the UK public sector with suitable government suppliers. With our extensive contacts, you can finetune your B2G marketing strategies.

Besides webinars, we also provide exemplary public relations services. We also provide three packages for beginners to vets to make impactful marketing strategies.


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