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Our contact data is second to none – giving you total confidence that your B2B and B2G email marketing campaigns will go the exactly the right people. Better still, our proprietary email delivery platform, iServe, is incredibly adept at delivering mail directly into public sector in-boxes; succeeding where many others fail. We’re happy to explain the technical background, but suffice to say, our delivery rates are outstanding.

Of course, great data and a uniquely effective delivery mechanism count for little if the campaign content is poor. Our team of digital content creators (including former journalists) are highly-skilled at crafting your message so that it resonates with the audience. Clear, memorable and proven to deliver results.

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Over on the blog, we’ve put together a few top tips to consider when writing the perfect email campaign nomatter what business objective you are looking to achieve.

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We’ve worked with some amazing businesses over the years to deliver excellent email marketing results such as driving leads and sales pipeline.

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