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The Largest B2G Contact Data in the UK.

Do you have complete confidence that your B2G campaigns are reaching your target audience?

Unable to use bought data on your current email platform? Struggling to acquire marketing consents? Or are you experiencing low deliverability due to government firewalls??

Cadence Marketing can help. Our email delivery platform iServe has been designed by our expert developers to solve any problem an email marketer might have.

With 95% deliverability, the platform is adept at getting your message into the inbox of key contacts. Not only is our deliverability high and our data great, but it is also clean GDPR compliant data. Rest assured; we follow strict internal guidelines to ensure our 220,000-contact database complies with all required data regulations. Engage with more of the public sector than via traditional email marketing platforms without worrying about compliance issues.

Of course, these benefits count for nothing if the content is poor and doesn’t have impact. Our in-house team of digital content creators (including former journalists, marketers, and copywriters) are experts in crafting messaging that fits your brand and resonates with your target audience. This results in clear, impactful marketing that generates results.

Why Email?

Whether you are trying to reach the Chief Technology Officer of the NHS or the Procurement Director of a police force, email is the perfect platform to deliver your message. Email marketing can be used as a standalone tool for early engagement or as part of a wider campaign to gain entrants to an event or webinar, respondents to a survey or promote an asset/whitepaper.

The Cadence Marketing team are experts in developing powerful B2G email marketing campaigns, with a vast amount of experience, which serve as a framework for all your marketing activities across the public sector.

If you want to get your business in the inboxes of key decision-makers across government and the wider public sector, why not get in touch with our team and find out how we can help you?

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