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Executing an effective public sector marketing strategy

There are 413 government agencies in the UK. Getting the attention of one of these agencies as a business is sometimes a difficult task. So, how do businesses market to government agencies? B2G marketing strategies are slightly different from traditional marketing methods. Companies must take a strategic approach to market to government agencies. And this guide will…

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5 hot marketing opportunities in public sector IT

As any smart marketer will know, understanding your audience, identifying their aspirations and anticipating where their focus will be six months (or more) from now is an absolute must − especially if you’re looking to build brand awareness in the £7bn public sector IT space.

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How to create a flawless digital campaign

According to creative agency We Are Social, there were over four billion internet users globally at the beginning of 2020. This reinforces the need for modern businesses to implement a digital strategy alongside traditional marketing methods.

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What is Early Engagement?

At Cadence, webinars are kind of a big deal. We’ve been working with clients for years to perfect and hone virtual events to support brand awareness and lead generation.

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It’s official…

The BiP Group, a leading provider of business intelligence, events, eSourcing and marketing solutions for the public and private sectors, is pleased to announce the release of its Cadence Marketing service.

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A brief history of Cadence

So, it’s finally arrived! If you’re reading this message then we’ve only gone and done it. Rebranded and launched our new website, with plenty of great new functionality.

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