How to Increase Quality Leads as a B2G Business

Business-to-government (B2G) companies undoubtedly play a significant role in supplying various government bodies with relative goods and services. However, many businesses struggle to find and implement an effective B2G marketing strategy because they don’t know how to generate quality leads that could open the door to new opportunities.

B2G businesses have many options to increase their quality leads and optimise their sales strategy. Attracting quality leads for your B2G organisation is possible by considering the various techniques, strategies, and tips to maximise your quality leads addressed in this article.

Continue reading to discover how to boost your visibility and create a loyal customer base through numerous methods.

Set Your Objectives

If you don’t know what you hope to achieve with your marketing strategy, your strategy won’t be effective in the long run. You can develop concrete, short- and long-term goals for your future campaigns by identifying and understanding your marketing objectives.

Keep your objectives measurable and realistic for where your company is currently at in its growth. Keep in mind the three primary components of setting an actionable and achievable objective:

  • Define what success means for your organisation
  • Establish deadlines for all objectives
  • Define the specific tools you’ll need to track your progress

Search Engine Optimization

As a cornerstone of any successful business strategy, maximising your search engine optimization (SEO) process is one of the first steps to attracting qualified leads for your business. Any successful B2G sales strategy will have a digital component to reach customers at every touch point, and mastering your SEO content gets you one step closer to identifying quality leads.

SEO increases your visibility, attracts leads, and helps you connect to government agencies and decision-makers looking for products and services in your industry.

Social Media Marketing

While you might not associate government-focused products and services with a reputable social media presence, mastering social media marketing is integral to your overall B2G strategy. Having employees dedicated to social media content to build an online presence, engage with prospective customers and strengthen business-client relationships is vital for your growth.

Social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are excellent options for connecting and conversing with promising quality leads and securing a loyal customer base committed to your products and services.

Email Marketing

Too many B2G organisations neglect email marketing or see the strategy as outdated and ineffective. In reality, email marketing is a powerful option for B2G businesses to promote their products and services to the right audience.

Email marketing helps businesses establish relationships with leads by fostering brand awareness and authority. Email marketing remains effective because companies have various personalization options to tailor marketing campaigns to specific customers based on purchases, shares, and link clicks.

Understanding Your Customers

Customer-led growth is essential to building healthy client relationships and encouraging repeat business. Companies often have a limited understanding of what customers want, leading to ineffective marketing campaigns and frustrating challenges to expand their audience.

There are numerous approaches to understanding your audience on a deeper level. For instance, developing various buyer personas to represent all of your ideal customers can offer a better idea of how to reach tailored sections of your audience to deliver the best solutions depending on individual needs.

Keeping Your Content Engaging

The less compelling your published content is, the lower your chances of attracting your target audience. Engaging content goes far beyond compelling, SEO-driven written content. Though that doesn’t mean you should neglect your SEO strategy, other options exist to expand your appeal, such as video marketing content to represent your products and services visually. Global online video ad spending was nearly 75 billion USD, accounting for an estimated 30 percent of display ad spending worldwide.

Simply put, video content is critical no matter whom you’re trying to reach with your B2G marketing strategy. Combined with an effective SEO, email, and social media marketing strategy, video content will increase your chances of identifying quality leads and making conversions.

Practising Early Engagement

Successful B2G marketers take advantage of the benefits of early engagement, meaning a strategy where leaders speak with buyers before the official procurement process begins. Early engagement covers the scoping and preparation phase of converting a quality lead and can provide a solid foundation to build relationships with potential buyers. Rather than appearing as any other supplier, an early engagement strategy will position you as a thought leader in your industry and help you stand out from competitors.

Tips to Boost Visibility and Master B2G Marketing

While the strategies listed above are incredibly effective for B2G companies hoping to increase quality leads, there are other minor ways to boost your company’s visibility and master your B2G marketing strategies. Consider the following tips to ensure that your company is ready to convert.

  • Keep your website SEO-friendly. Writing high-quality SEO content isn’t enough in the long term. SEO trends are constantly changing, and by not optimising your site and updating your SEO tactics, you’ll start losing out on site clicks and experience a higher bounce rate by offering outdated content.
  • Consider paid advertising and targeted campaigns. While cheap, organic ads can set a foundation for success, many B2G organisations succeed by adding paid, targeted advertising to their strategy.
  • Reach your target audience on various channels. Instead of sticking solely to email marketing or marketing on limited social media platforms, expand your reach by identifying your target audience on numerous digital channels. The more you develop your online presence, the more likely you are to convert leads.
  • Keep your products up-to-date. Like SEO content constantly changes, businesses must keep products up-to-date with industry standards and compliance. Letting your products go without any upgrades to adapt to a shifting market will make it nearly impossible to generate quality leads.
  • Use expert services like Cadence Marketing to access the knowledge, resources, and tools to reach your target audience and successfully market to public sector government agencies.

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