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We help you engage with the public sector through our data-driven marketing solutions.

The Largest Public Sector Database in the UK

At our core is quality data. With hundreds of thousands of relevant public sector contacts, rest assured your campaign will reach the right people and make an impact.

Our innovative database is the most robust B2G database in the UK – ensuring your campaigns are precise, your goals achieved, and your customers engaged.

We Put You In Front of the Public Sector


Do you want to connect with key buyers within the public sector?

Cadence Marketing specialises in connecting your business with public sector buyers at the right time through data-driven and targeted marketing solutions.

 This ensures early market engagement, helping you to win more business.

With over 200,000 contacts across 31,600 organisations, our comprehensive database gives you access to decision-makers and influencers e.g Central Government, Local Government, NHS, Education, M.O.D, Blue Light and Emergency Services.

Whether you need B2G pre-market engagement, research to understand your audience, creative content and messaging – Cadence Marketing helps you with all your public sector marketing needs.

Lead Generation

Audience Generation

Market Research

Brand Awareness

Content Creation & Promotion

Product Promotion

They helped us scaling our solution to the wider communities,
it was great!

Ash EL Menshawy, Marketing Manager, Imperial Corporate Events

Our Clients

We’ve helped numerous businesses better engage with the public sector. From start-ups and SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, our unique approach to pre-market engagement can help your business stand out.

Cadence Marketing were brought in by Experian – alongside their partners at Microsoft and at Data Quality Pro to create, run and promote three webinars from end-to-end. Cadence also produced an edited recording of each webinar for the client.

We were brought in by BT to carry out research in this community and produce a survey report based on the new survey findings.  This survey report would then be used to inform the subject matter of two webinars – to be created, promoted and run from end-to-end by the Cadence team. 

Cadence Marketing were chosen to create and deliver the campaign as leading B2G content experts.

We sparked early engagement with the public sector with an integrated approach through a successful email campaign, a deep-dive survey and industry-led webinar.

Got a campaign idea? We can help you.


With an in-house data management team, Cadence Marketing is dedicated to refreshing contact data to make sure it’s completely up to date. Our team of data experts painstakingly research multiple sources to ensure our data is completely GDPR compliant and deliverable through our state-of-the-art software platform.

In fact, we have seen more than 50,000 changes to our data in the past 12 months. And 30,000 of these have been within the ever-changing landscape of local government.

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