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B2G Marketing Trend Predictions for 2023

From diversifying content to a close consideration of SEO, this article will provide a round-up of the key marketing trends of 2022, considering brand personalisation, video marketing and all that falls in between. On completion, discussion around those trends set to stick and any newcomers for the new year will arise, ensuring the emergence of a justified evaluation of the B2G corporate marketing trend predictions for 2023.


Defining ‘B2G Marketing’

B2G marketing refers to the process of a private sector business marketing its services to government organisations. Such strategies are aimed at government organisations and tend to relate to a long-term working relationship, typically characterised by a high order volume. Consequently, it is vital that both parties have efficient and effective communication in place. B2G corporate marketing tactics refer to a marketing style a company deploys to promote the company itself rather than individual products, focusing on the branding and the message conveyed through consideration of the mission statement to the language used in advertisement.


What is a marketing trend?

Accordingly, a marketing trend refers to key, strategic changes in the digital marketing landscape, providing guidance for the way businesses should interact with their target audience. So, when a change in communication style is apparent, it is representative of a change in trend. Such changes invite marketers to diversify their content in line with the emerging marketing trends that have gained the most traction and proved the most influential styles of marking.

Examples of B2G market trends

In contrast to B2B or B2C, B2G marketing refers to businesses that sell goods and/or services to government agencies. A major difference presents itself within the B2G corporate marketing model as companies have to act according to requirements published by the relevant government body through a structured bidding process. This may operate online in real-time and is often highly competitive.

Additionally, within the B2G buying cycle, the B2G marketer must comply with bid specifications, compliance regulations and any applicable laws – meaning the process itself can vary significantly depending on the local governing bodies. Seemingly, B2G marketing operates within a more rigid network as government institutions pioneer the changes and hence restrict too much.

A prime example of a trend within the B2G sector is SEO. SEO is the process of optimising both the quality and the quantity of website traffic from search engines to websites or web pages. This is achieved through research of relevant keywords and creating optimised content targeting and answering the user’s intent. So, a successful B2G campaign will often include an SEO-friendly website, enabling the answers to its visitors’ questions to be answered without being prompted.


What were the key marketing trends of 2022?

To better understand marketing trends, it is essential to acknowledge some popular examples from throughout 2022. These trends include but are not limited to the following trends:

  • Short-form video content
  • SEO, as noted, is an increasingly popular approach to corporate marketing
  • Conversational marketing is used for driving customer engagement

Influencer marketing for B2G delivers 11x higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing. The goal of this method is advocacy – an important aspect of government operations – therefore promising for B2G strategy if combined with other platforms. Even though this is a method commonly used in the B2C marketplace, it also works effectively for those operating within B2G.

90% of decision-makers initiate their purchasing process by researching opinions from industry experts; hence, the key to success seems to lie within positing oneself as an influential, thought leader. Moreover, the trend of brand personalisation – creating a highly personalised content experience through means such as video marketing or AI-driven personalisation (such as Spotify’s discover weekly playlist feature or the yearly unwrapped campaign).

In a similar vein to B2B, it is recommended that B2G content marketing strategy can help accelerate lead generation. Marketing experts infer this to have a positive impact because one is not just drawing in website traffic but instead a clear message displaying attentiveness to the user’s needs is delivered. Through such strategy, businesses can be positioned as thought leaders within the industry, establishing respect and building rapport in doing so. A B2G content marketing strategy should be layered similarly to a traditional B2B/B2C approach, creating rich value-added content at the top with product-driven content towards the bottom.


Anticipated B2G corporate marketing trends for 2023

As we are looking ahead into the new year, there are notable B2G corporate marketing trends we should expect to see in 2023.

Having witnessed the Metaverse gaining attention towards the end of 2022, it is apparent that platforms such as are set to expand and form a strong presence in the upcoming year and is likely to continue for subsequent years. Additionally, brand personalisation is predicted to add a unique value to the customer experience as augmented reality (AR) and other immersive experiences have become central to achieving this.

So, if the specified bidding process allows for it, one can expect to see such trends being slowly integrated into B2G marketing platforms. As AI seemingly drive many of today’s marketing trends, given that algorithms determine social media engagement and search engine results, it is anticipated that this will continue to dominate throughout 2023. Furthermore, short-form video marketing is set to accelerate.

A staggering 90% of marketers use short-form video and are planning to maintain or even increase their investments in 2023. 1 in 5 of these marketers plan to leverage short-form video for the first time next year. Also, social media will be further utilised as a platform for customer service and engagement whilst SEO leverage is advanced once more, further synchronising website traffic and improving the overall user experience.

Having acknowledged the prominence of AR and AI today, many of the 2022 B2G corporate marketing trends involving these strategies seem set to stick in 2023 whilst paving the way for a platform of change in the way businesses approach corporate marketing.

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