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Using Data-Driven Insights to Boost Your B2G Marketing Strategy

Do you want to tap into the lucrative government market (yes, the same UK government that spends £300 billion annually on procurement)? If so, are you struggling to make your B2G corporate marketing campaigns successful?

Chances are, you’re not utilising data-driven insights as well as you probably could. You can create better-targeted campaigns by employing advanced analytics and up-to-the-minute research on metrics popular among government buyers.

This quick guide will explore ways business owners like you can use current information and data-led decision-making to unlock the potential of the public sector marketplace. Let’s get started!

B2G Corporate Marketing: What’s Different?

We see a lot of new companies get this one wrong. They believe that just because they have experience in marketing, they can use B2C or B2B marketing tactics to reach government entities. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Marketing to the government sector fundamentally differs from B2C or B2B marketing in a few ways. Namely, B2G marketers must clearly understand the following before attempting to market anything:

  • The organisation they’re targeting
  • That organisation’s needs
  • The organisation’s internal decision-making process

B2G clients typically look for performance and quality beyond what is offered in B2C or B2B products. This means that you might be able to use flexible pricing options, buyer incentives, and long-term contracts as leverage.

Moreover, B2G corporate marketing campaigns also tend to focus more on public relations than sales efforts, often focusing on getting brand recognition rather than actual sales targets right away.

In summary, B2G marketing requires special attention to detail that distinguishes it from other forms of business-based marketing.

B2G Marketing Examples

Are you new to B2G marketing? If your business is starting to test the waters and reach out to government organisations, then it’s helpful to have a few B2G marketing examples to help you understand what this type of campaign can look like.

B2G marketing can take many forms, from personalised emails to comprehensive campaigns tailored specifically to the target department or agency. One example is when IBM got a contract from the Department for Work and Pensions for £2.13m in cloud services.

Another example is Amey, a civil engineering company whose relationship with the public sector resulted in them being paid as much as £1.5bn from 2020 to 2021, according to a report by Tussell. B2G relationships are powerful and often involve contracts worth millions of dollars with governments across the globe. This makes them a lucrative prospect for your business.

Overall, B2G marketing has transformed communication strategies between businesses and government agencies. This helps both parties open important dialogues. It also makes it easy to reach a mutual understanding quickly.

Data-Driven B2G Corporate Marketing Tips

Creating high-converting B2G marketing campaigns is about more than just understanding which channels to use. It’s also about more than creating the right kind of content.

Look a bit further down the funnel, and you’ll see the value in using data-driven insights to boost your efforts. Here are four B2G marketing tips on using data to improve your marketing efforts and conversion rates. Incorporate these into your B2G marketing strategies to harness the power of the data you collect.

  1. Establish Data Sources

When trying to reach many people with your data-driven marketing campaign, it is important to use many different media types. This is called an omnichannel approach. You must get data from many sources, like TV, radio, social media platforms, and traditional press (newspapers, magazines, etc.).

It’s also important to think about how the characteristics of each type of media might help you achieve your goals for the campaign. For example, you need to consider which organisations use which types of media and what they prefer. This way, you can create a plan tailored to the people you’re trying to reach.

Is that LinkedIn? Is that Twitter? It depends on the organisation. That’s something we can help you identify with our public sector marketing services.

  1. Establish Attribution Modelling

Now that you have your data sources, it’s time to establish attribution modelling. Attribution modelling can help B2G businesses like yours track the success of marketing efforts and optimise their effectiveness.

Attribution models help understand which channels are most effective in converting leads by providing attribution credit to each of them. By understanding which channels influence conversion paths, your company can focus on improving those more than others, driving better ROI and reaching your overall business goals.

  1. Use Predictive Analytics

Integrating predictive analytics with B2G marketing can help your company reach more people. Predictive analytics is when you use data to determine which customers or potential customers are good to target. This is important because it helps you know whether an organisation is likely to convert.

This can help you save time and energy. And that’s a massive plus. However, it’s also a great way to measure your marketing efforts. It’s an effective way to pinpoint the right customer base and tailor a marketing strategy accordingly.

  1. Simplify Complex Data

By now, you’ve got a lot of data to work with. It’s time to simplify that data.

Removing unnecessary information and condensing large amounts of data can help you get more insight from the data. Once you do, you can then identify actionable items and opportunities. Use that to create content that resonates with potential customers.

This can help you hone in on exactly what will prompt leads to take desired actions for purposes such as conversion rates or increased brand association. Plus, streamlining this data into easily decipherable pieces is often less time-consuming and cost-effective in the long run. That makes it a win-win for you.

Get Help With B2G Marketing

B2G corporate marketing can be tricky to master. Still, at Cadence Marketing, we’ve cracked the code. Well, we’ve at least simplified the process for you.

Our iServe platform is specifically designed to ensure you get direct access to decision-makers and influencers in public sectors, with a comprehensive database of 200,000 contacts across 31,600 organisations.

If you’re looking to make an impact with B2G corporate marketing, why not get in touch today and let us help you? Our team is full of experts standing by and waiting to give you a hand. Don’t wait any longer. Schedule your consultation today!

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