The Stages of the B2G Procurement Cycle

What Is B2G Marketing?

Business to government (B2G) marketing focuses on selling products and services to government organisations. B2G is a crucial form of marketing that’s designed to reach a customer base of government entities who possess the potential for long-term contracts.

Why are there so many long-term contracts in this particular field? Government organisations are typically large, complex entities that operate indefinitely. They also tend to require specialised products and services. B2G marketing allows your organisation the opportunity to create relationships with these entities and develop customised solutions.

B2G marketing means your organisation may be able to take advantage of certain government incentives, including:

  • Tax breaks
  • Grants
  • Subsidies

By selling products or services to the public sector, companies just like yours can benefit from increased brand recognition and positive public relations opportunities. B2G marketing can also assist in helping you gain valuable insights into the latest trends in your industry and access new markets and customers.

Implementing B2G strategies can be a viable strategy for businesses looking to secure long-term contracts with government parties. B2G marketing allows your organisation the chance to take advantage of government incentives as well as increase brand recognition and gain critical industry knowledge.

B2G Marketing Strategy and Procurement Cycle

A B2G marketing strategy should be a critical part of your marketing framework if your organisation wants to pursue government contracts. An effective B2G strategy should initially prioritise early engagement, meaning that your organisation should proactively reach out to government agencies before the procurement process even fully begins. Making efforts to establish early engagement allows your business to become more familiar with the needs of the government agency and build relationships with its key decision-makers, all of which can help to increase your chances of winning a contract.

The B2G procurement cycle generally includes the following stages:

1. Identifying Opportunities

The first step in any B2G marketing strategy is finding the right opportunities. Companies can identify opportunities for B2G deals by researching current and upcoming government projects, attending industry events, and networking with other companies who have experience in government contracting.

2. Submitting Proposals

Once your organisation has identified some potential opportunities, you can begin submitting proposals. Your proposals should be tailored to:

  • Meet the specific requirements of each project
  • Demonstrate understanding of the particular government agency’s needs
  • Showcase the company’s unique qualifications for completing the project successfully

3. Engaging Decision-Makers

The next step in your B2G marketing strategy involves engaging decision-makers within the government agency or department with which you are dealing. B2G engagement could involve attending meetings or events hosted by government officials, participating in discussions about relevant topics on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, or even writing articles related to the agency’s mission. Engaging as early as possible allows your company to begin cultivating relationships with decision-makers and stay up to date on any changes or developments related to potential contracts.

4. Winning Your Contract

Once proposals have been submitted, both parties involved in the procurement cycle will evaluate the offers that are on the table and begin the process of negotiation. The goal during the evaluation and negotiation stage of the procurement process is to ensure that both sides are satisfied with the terms of the contract before it is officially signed. During this step, both parties should be prepared to make changes as needed based on feedback from the other party if an agreement that works for everyone is to be reached.

5. Maintaining Your B2G Strategy

Finally, once a contract has been awarded, businesses need to maintain their B2G strategy throughout the entire execution of the project to ensure success when it comes to bidding on future public sector projects. Maintaining relationships with key decision-makers within government agencies can help your organisation increase its visibility into upcoming projects. Keeping an ongoing B2G strategy is also essential for building positive word-of-mouth for your organisation, which can lead directly to more business opportunities in the future.

The Importance of the B2G Strategy

Once you have a working understanding of how B2G strategy and procurement works, you can then begin to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities that are available only in the B2G market. Here are a few of the ways you can begin leveraging a B2G marketing strategy:

  • Apply for relevant grants or contracts from government entities
  • Utilise your B2G strategy to gain access to new markets or specialised services
  • Streamline your marketing operations to access new streams of B2G revenue
  • Expand the types of products or services you offer

Understanding B2G strategy can also help you stay up to date with government regulations and policies related to your industry. By familiarising yourself with B2G strategy, you can feel confident that your organisation is fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations while also ensuring you are taking advantage of any benefits offered by government entities. Having a strong grasp on B2G strategy best practices can also make it easier to build relationships with key decision-makers in government agencies. Down the road, this could lead to more favourable outcomes regarding matters of funding or regulation.

Whether your organisation is large or small, a solid understanding of B2G strategy is critical for success in today’s competitive B2G market. Potential benefits and upsides of B2G marketing education include:

  • Better access to resources
  • More comprehensive compliance with laws and regulations
  • Improved relationships with government agencies

Remember, an effective B2G strategy is essential for long-term success in the B2G industry. Partnering with a marketing company that can help you tailor your goals is a great way to ensure success.

Make a B2G Sales Strategy with Cadence Marketing

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  • Defence
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Environment
  • Other non-departmental public bodies

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